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Turn your Desktop or Laptop into a Radio! Stream live Radio anytime, anywhere! Don’t miss new music hits. Stream thousdands of radio stations from your desk at work. Discover new songs with quick access to Pandora®, and iHeart Radio®;. Want to switch from Spotify® to SoundCloud™ and back again without wasting any time? My Radio XP has you covered.

There are many streaming options to choose from but only My Radio XP is a free tool that offers 1000s of radio stations, and brings them together in one place. Whether you want to listen to Free Radio or get easier access to your streaming subscriptions, My Radio XP is your one-click access to the world of Free Radio. Download My Radio XP and start listening instantly!

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Enjoy the largest selection of free radio stations from around the world.

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Whether you are a country, hip-hop, rock or R&B fan, it can be a challenge keeping up with with the latest music hits and discovering new songs, especially when you are not at home. Quicky access your favorite radio stations, and online radio sites, such as Pandora®, iHeart Radio®, SoundCloud® Spotify® and more, all from your browser.

Keep tabs on your favorite artists, get the latest news and never miss another hit song. If you are a music lover, you need My Radio XP. Click the button bellow to get started!

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Radio Stations, News,
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Listen to Over 1000 radio stations. From oldies, loves songs, and sports radio, to pop, classic rock & more.

Catch up to breaking news, get the latest scoop while listening to your favorite songs. Explore the world of free radio, discover new music, and listen to your favorite artists for free!

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